After WordPress is installed, create a new page called “Wordpress Badge.” This is where you will compile/link to/discuss these proficiencies. Install WordPress onto server space. Provide domain link for verification.
Select and install a new theme for the site.
Get an API key and then activate it.
Sign up for a Gravatar and associate it with your chosen email address.
Create an “About” page
Create a menu that at least includes “Home, About, and WP Badge”
Install the Akismet plugin
Install another plugin of your choice and explain why you selected it.
Post a blog entry that includes: 300 words of text
An embedded image file with a caption and appropriate attribution
A link to outside web material
An embedded video/audio
Appropriate “Categories”
Appropriate “Tags”
The presence of an “Insert Read More” tag
Have the blog, when “published,” automatically post to a social media account like Twitter/FB
Include sharing buttons on the post for Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
Allow a user, like me, to subscribe to your blog and be made aware of when you post new content.
Finally, make a shorter post where you embed/link to one of our class projects
Comment on two of your classmates blogs so that you will receive an email notification if they respond to your comment.
Install and set up the “Jetpack” plugin
Properly set up your General Settings (Site Title, Tagline, etc.)
Beneath “General,” configure setting for “Reading,” “Writing,” “Discussion,” “Media,” etc.
Use “Links” to set up a “Blogroll” (Easy! Select blogs of your classmates.)
In the Dashboard, select “Appearance” and configure: widgets, menu, header, background
Emergent Outcomes
Document two things about your DooO experience so far that are not accounted for above. (Something you’ve learned, how it feels to reach a larger audience, etc.)