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How to Create a Group in WordPress

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How to Send Invites to a Group in WordPress

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Tags for Text-wrapping and Examples

Some Helpful Tags for Blog Posts

Insert an Image URL from Flickr

Timeline Project Tools

Simile Timeline Tutorial

Spreadsheet Setup and Geo-coordinate How-to

TimeMapper Link

TimeMapper Template for Google Spreadsheets

GeoHack Codes from Wikipedia

Insert an Image URL from Flickr

Image URL vs. Website URL

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Projects

Inkle Writer Link

Axma Download

Twinery Download

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Creating a Storify Document

Character Network Building

Gephi Tutorial

How to Import Spreadsheets into Gephi

Women’s Social and Political Union Gephi Example

yEd Graph Editor

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Jing Tutorial

Taking Screen Recordings Using Quicktime Player

Audacity Tutorial

Digital Books & Online Annotation


How to Upload a Digital Book/Magazine/Graphic Novel to Issuu



Distant Reading

Text Analysis Tutorial

If you are working on campus, you can make use of the Adobe Suite, which has Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat has an option to convert pdfs into html files which is what Voyant Tools uses to reveal texts:

On campus: Using Adobe Acrobat as an OCR Scanner

Off campus: Free OCR Scanner with Registration


Processing Tutorial


Prezi Tutorial

Creating QR Codes

How to use QR Codes

Digital Studies Handbook

Digital Storytelling Handbook from Jim Groom at University of Mary Washington